The Legend of the Water Ghost – ROLEX SUBMARINER

For over a century, Rolex has remained true to the original intentions of the brand when it was founded. The SUBMARINER is one of Rolex’s product lines, also known as the Water Ghost.

Among the ranks of fine watches, the production of the Aquatimer is considered to be huge, and it would be difficult for a mass-produced product that is primarily practical to be collectible, but it breaks this rule. I will only briefly introduce this timepiece, which is a timepiece that people can’t get enough of, because of my limited knowledge and space.

In 1953 Rolex tried out a small number of diving watches for presentation at Basel 1954, the first mechanical watches that could be water resistant to more than 100 metres.

The Aquatimer of this period was based on the CAL260 and 296 movements and was water resistant from 100 to 200 metres. The first period used straight hands with the luminescent point of the seconds hand at the end of the hand, then some adjustments were made to increase the luminescent point of the hour hand, known as the Mercedes hand, and to adjust the luminescent point of the seconds hand inside the scale, and I should say that from this time onwards, no further significant adjustments have been made until 60 years later. Of course you can still see the handle head without the shoulder guard at that time.

At this stage Rolex stopped trying to replace the 369 hour markers transplanted from the EXPLORER with long luminescent markers and the movement began to use the CAL1030

At this stage Rolex adopted the new CAL1520/1530 movement, the most obvious change in appearance being the addition of a shoulder guard to the handle and the widening of the teeth of the rotating bezel, which felt much closer to the current Aquatimer. This issue has to be mentioned as the Royal Navy started ordering the Water Ghost from Rolex as naval officer’s equipment, but asked Rolex to replace the Mercedes hand with a sword hand and the rotating bezel teeth were widened again,Replica rolex Watches hence the Royal Navy version of the 5517, which then became every Ghost fan’s dream. Back then, at $129, you could almost buy a car.

This was the period when Rolex began using the CAL1570/1575/3035 movement with a calendar, and also added a bubble lens for easier reading of the calendar. During the same period Rolex began to experiment with increasing the depth of water resistance, and this gave rise to the SEA-DEWELLER collection, which will be described in more detail at a later date.

The Submariner was subjected to rigorous chronometer testing with the 3130 calibre, and the SCOC inscription began to appear on the dials in later years. The end of the era of the water ghost.

From this stage, the water ghost became Rolex’s best-selling and most sought-after model, so the addition of inter-gold and full-gold models and some special faces, the price has also gone up. In 2003, the Rolex 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 16610LV was launched, which immediately triggered a rush to the market, with Hong Kong being the first area to sell the watch at a premium price, which lasted for more than two years until 2006 when the price normalised, but it was also a model that was hard to find in shops for a long time. In 2010, when the watch was discontinued, it became a collector’s item, with prices soaring by 20%, and the fat four big green from ’03 to ’04 became a connoisseur’s item.

By now, most of them have made their mark. Even though there are many different types of Aquatimer today, there are still only a handful of models available in Rolex shops, and with Rolex’s continuous improvements, today’s Aquatimer uses many high-tech materials and technologies, and the workmanship is even better.

Back to the topic, why do many Rolex fans think that the Aquatimer has come to an end in 2010? As a shallow fan, I feel that since the new ceramic-ringed Aquaman was launched it has become more refined than rugged, and the previous wild and uninhibited posters have been covered under the cuffs of the suit shirts, priced from $200 50 years ago to $8,500 today.

Finally, I wish you all the best of luck in pulling the plug and receiving your own ghost one day, and I also wish you the best of luck in receiving a 1972 factory-made ghost one day after you’ve missed it at 30 and 40.